10 Best Digital Marketing Methods You Should Adopt


Ok, so far now we have talked about the importance of digital marketing. Now we will have a look at the 10 best Digital Marketing Methods you should choose for your business. When companies adopt these methods to promote their product or service using digital means then it becomes a part of digital marketing.

Assume the solar system like digital marketing term and planets of the solar system like the digital marketing methods. It’s impossible to imagine a solar system without planets. If you are talking about the solar system then you are referring to the system of planets. Similarly, digital marketing is just a name given to many digital practices as a whole. You cannot ignore the methods and get started with the digital marketing because it’s just a terminology nothing else. So what are the methods that make up the digital marketing?

Let’s have a look at the most dominating digital marketing methods-

1) Website and Apps
2) Social Media Pages
3) Content Marketing
4) Search Engine Optimization
5) Search Engine Marketing
6) Email Marketing
7) Mobile Marketing
8) Television and Radio Marketing
9) Affiliate Marketing
10) Analytics

Website and Apps

The most important factor is the digital presence of your business. Many people have the habit of googling, before buying anything. So, make sure if someone hears about your business and searches on google, your website should be the very first result, not your Facebook page, not Instagram page but simply your website at the top of the search results.

Having a website adds a lot of opportunities to attract customers. You can tell people about your new products or services, book orders, create offers and take customer feedbacks to improve your business. Having a great website will expose your business worldwide and you can even find an opportunity to go international.

So, remember the first step is to get a website for your business. Click here to get your Website within a week, you just need to sit back, we will do it all for you,

Social Media Pages

Once you have your website the next step is to let the people know about your business on social media sites. Create your business pages in the top 5 social networks that suits your industry. A business page on twitter and facebook is highly recommended. After creating the business pages choose a profile picture (logo recommended as a profile picture), write a genuine and attractive description about your business. Add your website to the social media pages (every social media page has an option of Website) and invite as many friends as possible.

Content Marketing

So, you are done with your website and social media pages now it’s time to create content that will attract customers. Remember the type of content you can create are articles, images, videos about your product or services or something related to it. The content creation is very important, you should create a lot of attractive content to stay ahead of your competitors.

If your content is not great, no one is going to buy from you simply because there are lots of other options on the internet. So make sure you create great content whether it’s a text, audio, video or image. You must create content with your customers in mind. There should be no spelling mistakes in text, no annoying noises in audios, no glitches in videos and images. Don’t provide any false information, it can scare the person interacting with your content.

Just keep on creating amazing content and put it on your website then share the content from your website to your social media pages. You must be thinking why to put content first on the website? Well, because of conversions. If someone clicks your content on social media it will take him to your website. Now, once you got the user to visit your website you can indulge him in lots of activities like exploring your product or service page, reading your about us page, signing up for newsletters, placing an order or directly buying something.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a technique designed to let the search engines know about your business website and content. Suppose you own an ice cream parlour and someone searches on google for ‘ice cream parlour near me’ then google will look on the internet and fetch all the results that are optimised for searches. Then it will display the results with maps, store name, opening hours and other information that has been provided to the search engines.

SEO can be done for any website. Every page is provided with target keywords. If someone searches for that particular keyword then your web page might get included in the fetched results. The position of the result depends on the content, quality of images, coding of the web page, websites internal and external links and many other factors.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a method in which advertisers bid on keywords to get at the top of the search results. It is a proper method to find your place in Paid Search Results. See the fig to understand the position of the SEM results. Suppose someone searches for ‘coaching institutes in Delhi’ then the top bidders will get the place in SEM results. but remember, the amount of bid is just one factor. If your content quality is not great like an irrelevant title and description then you might lose your place in SEM results no matter how much you bid for that keyword.

SEM is a great way to let the customers find you at the top of the results. The SEM results are more like a genuine result which is shown by the search engines to the searcher. Remember you only pay when someone clicks your link.

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing methods to reach your customer and generate more business. Nowadays, people are always signed in to their email accounts. To do email marketing you first need to build email lists by letting people submit their name and email id on your website as subscriber sand through your social media pages. Then use these lists for sending emails like weekly newsletter about your blog, product or service.

Emails should be catchy and interactive. The subject and body should be clear to the reader. Do not overuse images and links, your email will look spammy and users might flag it.

Mobile Marketing

Almost everyone is using mobile phones these days, total mobile users in India has crossed 1.3 billion mark recently out of 1.5 billion Indians. There was a time when companies used to clutter the message inbox. Now companies have moved to email marketing and other stuff. However, SMS are still much effective and can attract lot of customers.

Television and Radio Marketing

Televisions and Radio Marketing are some of the best techniques to expose your business to the customers. But they are a bit costly for small businesses to go for.  Go for these digital marketing methods if you are generating a good amount of money out of your business. The radio marketing is cheap as compared to television advertisements.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are a medium business and looking forward to expanding your products or service reach then start your affiliate program. An affiliate program is a method in which you appoint an affiliate and allow them to do marketing of your product on a commission basis. It’s one of the most difficult digital marketing methods. You will need to appoint a full-time developer to create and look after the affiliate programs.

Once you are up with your affiliate program, promote it to get more people as your affiliate partner and promote your products on a commission basis.


The last important factor is the analysis of users interacting with your website or app. Google Analytics is the best free tool available to measure your data. You can, however, use the other paid analytics services, they provide few extra useful features. There is inbuilt analytics inside the social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provide a great insight into your posts and ads progress.

Analysis of user data like pages they visited, the time they spent on your web page, clicks they made, content they interacted with, their country, age, gender, device, the operating system they used while visiting your website, etc is done automatically by machines.

You can figure out whats working and whats not using this data. Once you have learnt to gain insights on your analytics you can easily eliminate or modify the content or services which aren’t working for you.

You can use all or some of these digital marketing methods to expose your business and drive more customers. A website is highly recommended because it’s your virtual space on the internet. Then use methods like SMM to let the people know about your website and SEO for enabling search engines to find your website. If you need someone to do it al then we are here for you. Click this button to know more about our website designing service.


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