8 Important effects of Red Color everyone should know


Red color can be very versatile, with brighter versions being more energetic and darker shades being more powerful and elegant. You should always be aware of overall impacts of colors before using them anywhere in your projects to gain maximum benefit. In this blog, we will be looking at the marvellous properties of red color-

Effects on the Body: According to scientific researchers, exposure to a strong red color has been shown to raise blood pressure, respiration rate, and increase in muscle tension.

Effects on Mood: A strong red color also boosts internal spirits, stimulates creativity, conversation.

Emotional Effects: It’s also associated with love, passion, violence, aggression, anger, restlessness and sexual arousal. In China, red is the color of prosperity and happiness. Red Color is also linked with AIDS awareness.

In Food Industry: Red Color also raises hunger (which is why it is used in many restaurants like KFC, McDonald’s, CCD). It’s been shown to enhance human metabolism, too.

In Clothing Industry: In clothing, red conveys energy, power, and leadership, but can also signal romance and sensuality, depending on the garment.

Use In Rooms: Red is a very hot color. Rooms with a lot of red feels warmer and heavier. Time seems to pass more slowly inside a room with red walls.

Represents Importance: It’s also associated with fire, danger and warfare. It also symbolises importance (red carpet at awards shows and celebrity events). red is worn by brides on their wedding days.

Use In Media: Red stands for sound, talking and passion like Vodaphone, YouTube representing sophistication and perfection. Some radio channels have also applied red in their logos like Red Fm and Radio Mirchi.


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