Best way to earn as a Graphic Designer from Home

Graphic designing is one of the most creative industry. Graphic designers put their heart and soul in their designs. They push their limits, observe things differently, try to become more creative and earn as a Graphic Designer. It might seem easy but its one of the most difficult job. It’s even more difficult to earn […]

Important image licenses you must know before using any image

There are billions of images on the internet available at a click. If you are a business or website owner, you might have to deal with images. You need new and different images for your content, promotions, website and branding etc. It’s sad to know despite billions of images on the internet you cannot use […]

5 tips to create effective graphic designs without being a designer

Graphic design is a work of creativity. It allows you to think and implement those creative techniques in your work to achieve greater results. Every colour and the visual element has its own impact on the perceiver. You must know the psychological impact of colours and elements (links below) to create effective graphic designs. There […]

Why Being a Traveling Photographer Is An Amazing Job

Doing photography for a living is no easy task. People often misjudge the profession due to their lack of knowledge of innumerable hours that get invested in a single perfect shot. In reality, those who pride themselves under the title of “professional photographer” often go through extensive training. This is further aided by a learning […]

Benefits of Outsourcing Graphic Design Projects to an Offshore Agency

Outsourcing graphic design projects are the best solution for all organizations who search for quality services and reduced costs. In fact, 89% of clients claim to be satisfied with their vendors and they will continue to apply this approach in the years to come. But, why outsource graphic design projects? Branding and design are crucial […]

5 Essential elements of graphic design every designer should know

Every simple or complex graphic design is composed of some of the basic elements. These 5 essential elements of graphic design are responsible for the overall look and feel of the design. Once you are aware of these elements, you will be able to easily create beautiful and professional looking graphics. In this list I […]

Using Yellow Color | Learn About The Most Energizing Color

Yellow Color is the brightest and most energising of the warm colors. It is vibrant and unique as compared to other warm colours. Here are few points which will help you to understand and use this color more efficiently- Psychological Effect: Yellow color is associated with joy, happiness and the sunshine. The color projects love, […]

Psychological Effects of Using Orange Color by Different Industries

Orange Color is one of the most interesting and powerful color if used mindfully. It has the capability to win people psychologically and can give you the incredible advantage over your customers. Here are some of the well-known reasons about the use of orange colour- Effect on mood and body: The Orange color is generally […]

8 Important effects of Red Color everyone should know

Red color can be very versatile, with brighter versions being more energetic and darker shades being more powerful and elegant. You should always be aware of overall impacts of colors before using them anywhere in your projects to gain maximum benefit. In this blog, we will be looking at the marvellous properties of red color- […]

Learn To Use Warm and Cool Colors Effectively In Your Projects

Colors affect us in numerous ways, both mentally and physically. Colour can be your most powerful design element if you learn to use it effectively. With colors, you can set a mood, attract attention, or make a statement. The color is an element of visual language that people process before they are consciously aware of […]

Sacred Geometry: The secret recipe of the universe and the language of God

Sacred geometry is the study of geometric shapes and proportions that is followed by nature as the fundamental design of everything that exists. Due to the occurrence of these shapes and proportions everywhere in the universe, it is believed that God is the geometer of the world. This is the essence of nature, therefore, it […]