Vitruvian Man: The Amazing Proportions of Our Body

The name of this drawing is Vitruvian Man. Leonardo da Vinci created this drawing around 1490 to illustrate the work of great architect known as Vitruvius. Actually, it’s a drawing of a man based on the proportions by the architect Vitruvius. Therefore the drawing is known as ‘Vitruvian Man‘. Size Dimensions of the drawing are […]

Vesica Piscis: The mysterious form Narrating the Origin of Universe

Vesica Piscis is believed to be one of the oldest shape used since the ancient period and still today many of the artists, architects and designers use it to create beautiful and breathtaking designs and buildings, I am sure most of them must be unaware of this sacred symbol. To use Vesica Piscis we should […]

Fibonacci numbers in Plants: Design of Leaf, Petals, Branches and Flowers

This blog deals with the knowledge of Sacred Geometry. In this blog, we try to figure out the Golden Spiral, Golden Ratio, Golden angle and Fibonacci Numbers in Leaf arrangements, Petals, and branches of plants. To understand the topic clearly, please read with your complete attention. I gauntree this post will blow off your mind. […]

Learn to draw Fibonacci Golden Rectangle and Golden Spiral in 10 Steps

After reading this post, you will be able to learn how to draw Fibonacci Golden Rectangle and Golden Spiral in only ten easy steps. If you are not aware of this beautiful and mysterious pattern then please go through our following blogs- Golden Ratio Fibonacci Sequence Step 1 Draw a square of height=100cm and Width=100cm. […]

Fibonacci Numbers List upto 500 | First 500 Fibonacci Numbers

Fibonacci Numbers List Here is the list of first 500 Fibonacci numbers. Click to scroll: 1-100 | 101-200 | 201-300 | 301-400 | 401-500 Fibonacci Numbers List: 1 to 100 Fib(0)=0 Fib(1)=1 Fib(2)=1 Fib(3)=2 Fib(4)=3 Fib(5)=5 Fib(6)=8 Fib(7)=13 Fib(8)=21 Fib(9)=34 Fib(10)=55 Fib(11)=89 Fib(12)=144 Fib(13)=233 Fib(14)=377 Fib(15)=610 Fib(16)=987 Fib(17)=1597 Fib(18)=2584 Fib(19)=4181 Fib(20)=6765 Fib(21)=10946 Fib(22)=17711 Fib(23)=28657 Fib(24)=46368 […]

The Golden Ratio (1.618): Revealing the secrets of Aesthetics

Can you draw a perfect rectangle which is most pleasing to eyes ? If yes, what proportions will you take? The question is reasonable and most of you will make a guess according to your taste of aesthetics. There can be many ratios of length and width which can make up the most beautiful and […]

Sacred Geometry: The secret recipe of the universe and the language of God

Sacred geometry is the study of geometric shapes and proportions that is followed by nature as the fundamental design of everything that exists. Due to the occurrence of these shapes and proportions everywhere in the universe, it is believed that God is the geometer of the world. This is the essence of nature, therefore, it […]