When we talk about the format of images, JPEG and PNG are the most common formats we use. If you want to learn Photoshop or any other design software then you must first know about the formats of the images. There is an important difference between JPEG and PNG file formats which we will discuss in this blog.

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group and PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics.

JPG format is a lossy compressed file format (images lose some of its quality due to compression) while PNG format is a lossless compression (no loss of quality) file format.

JPEG and JPG formats are same. The reason for the different file extensions dates back to the early versions of Windows.

Pick an image and erase some part of it then save this file first in PNG format and then in JPEG format.

Open the JPEG file and you will see that erased portion has been replaced by a white background but in the case of PNG file the erased portion is transparent and shows what’s behind the image.

If you are designing icons for apps, doing vector graphics or creating images that are to be placed on some background, like logos, then you should save your files in PNG formats. PNG formats are best when you want to combine photos and take advantage of the background.

You can save to jpeg formats when you are done with normal pictures and wallpapers where transparency doesn’t matter. Most of the mobiles and cameras save the file to JPEG format. Remember that transparency of background is lost while saving an image in JPEG format.

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