Digital Marketing Explained | Importance of Digital Marketing

importance of digital marketing

You must have heard about the digital marketing somewhere recently, it’s one of the rising trends on the internet. Businesses are adopting digital marketing technique to boost their sales and to reach more and more customers. But still most of the businesses especially in India are not getting it clearly, people think it simply means advertising using the internet. Well, that’s true but not enough to justify the meaning of digital marketing. There is much more to it, it almost embraces every modern technique used by the businesses to promote their product and drive more sales. So, what techniques and technologies are part of digital marketing and how can you use them to boost your business?

Let’s first understand the term digital marketing,

Digital marketing is the one term or umbrella term for all the marketing tactics using the digital mediums like the internet, mobile phones, SMS, emails, display advertising, television marketing and other digital mediums.

Development and maintenance of a business website, app or software are also a part of digital marketing. SEO, SEM, Adwords, Analytics, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing are some techniques that add a lot of weight to the digital marketing.

We will look at each one of them later on in the series but first, we need to understand the scope and importance of digital marketing.

Importance of Digital Marketing

With the rise in the internet more and more people are getting online. In March 2017 the total internet users were 3,739,698,500 which is almost 50% of the world’s population. As estimated it will reach approximately 70% in the next 5 years. This means more social media networks, more online shopping and web surfing, trillions and trillions of videos on the internet.

Medium and big businesses mainly in technological fields can realise the importance of digital marketing clearly perceive this amazing opportunity which will dominate as the Internet heats up the world in next few years. Many companies have already adopted and begun working seriously on their digital presence. What about you? Do you want to stay up to date or wanna lose the race?

A lot of businesses are already online and those who are waking up are looking for some help. The biggest misconception is that digital marketing is practised by big companies because it needs a lot of money and experienced marketers, it’s not for everyone. Well, that’s not true, anyone can jump into digital marketing. It’s not that much difficult, you can do most of the things yourself.

E-commerce vs Physical Shops

More and more people are searching for products online than visiting a physical shop because online shopping has many benefits over shops like buying on a go, lots of shopping options, special offers, price comparison, genuine user reviews and direct home delivery.

The rise in e-commerce has already affected the physical market and will continue to affect exponentially in the upcoming years. It is better to take your shop online than running it physically because someone is already taking away your business.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

The rising trend of digital marketing has completely changed the way businesses work. Now the more focus is put on the internet and mobile marketing than any traditional practices. Digital marketing takes less physical efforts and gives a better return on investment.

Businesses are now advertising more on google and facebook than on newspapers and flyers because there are more internet users than the newspaper readers. The digital advertising is much cheaper and reaches more people than many traditional practices.

Return on Investment

The customers can easily be targeted as per their interests, region, age or gender. The ability to target customers on social media sites really helps businesses to find the right customers. Due to user targeting the return on investment is fairly better than the traditional practices. But this factor varies from country to country. The ROI is better in the case of developed countries.


If you are a shop owner providing any goods or services then it is highly recommended to get online before the time runs out. It doesn’t matter you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or a shopkeeper, any business can get online with ease as far as its legal. Even the educational institutes, barber or sweets shops can use digital marketing to expose their business digitally to the customers. Getting digital can help them pick up orders online, book seats and grow their business and stay on track with optimum benefits of the rising trend.

Get Started

We are here to help businesses learn and grow smartly. If you are realising the importance of digital marketing then take the action now! We first recommended to get a website for your business. We understand that everyone is not technically advanced therefore we are here to do it all for you. Just sit back and relax. We will create beautiful and highly interactive websites for your purpose. Just click this blue button and launch your website in a week without doing anything!


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