How to Start Your Own Blog in less than 10 minutes

How to Start Your Own Blog Cover

Setting up your blog is much easier than you think. In this blog you will learn How to start your own blog in less than 10 minutes. You just need to follow along with this blog to get things done in seconds. Remember, the same methods can be followed to set up any type of blog or website.

1. Buy a domain

Explanation: Domain is the first thing you need to buy. Its the name of the website and should be relevant to your blog type. For example, if you want to blog on home pets then its better to buy or etc. Domains come with many extensions like .com .in .net etc. you can go with any extension you like. It’s better to use county extension if your blog is targeting only your country.

Method: To buy a domain simply search google with ‘buy domain’ and it will list thousands of website. Choose any reliable website, I recommend GoDaddy to buy a domain. Simply search for a domain name and buy one for your blog.

2. Buy web hosting

Explanation: Hosting space is the space on the server where your website will live. All your files will be saved to your hosting account so that your website is accessible 24/7. It’s not possible to skip hosting and host files on your system because once you turn off your system your website won’t be accessible anymore. It’s also at low security (learn more). Therefore we host our files with a hosting provider because their servers are always on and accessible. You might see 99.9% uptime when you visit some hosting provider websites due to this reason.

Method: There are many hosting providers with different packages. I recommend to sign up with Hostgator because we also host our websites with Hostgator and to be honest, they helped us a lot in getting online. They have a great support team. Go for a baby package because it’s affordable and enough to start a blog. However, you can upgrade your package later on if needed.

3. Connecting domain and web hosting account

Explanation: So we have the domain name and web hosting account. Now, we need to connect the two so that every file we put on our hosting account should be accessible through the domain name. To do this you need to change the nameservers.

After you have bought the hosting package, You will receive the welcome email if you haven’t, call and ask your hosting provider to mail them to you. This email will contain the Cpanel credentials and also the nameservers. Another method to know nameserver is to log in to your hosting account and search for nameservers inside panel.

Method: Once you have found the nameservers of your hosting account, log in to your domain account and find the nameservers. Now copy the nameservers you got from the hosting provider and paste it into the nameserver field of your domain name. Follow this video-

4. Installing WordPress

Now you have successfully connected the domain and hosting space, now you need to install the WordPress, it is the best CMS ever built. To do this simply login to your Cpanel and click WordPress. Follow this video to install WordPress-

5. Installing theme

To open WordPress login page go to Now login to your WordPress using the credentials you created in the previous step. Once you are logged in navigate to Appearance => Themes and install the theme that suits best according to your taste. The default theme is 2017 or 2018.

In the next blog, we will learn how to install important plugins and adding important information to your blog website before publishing your first blog. Till then keep on learning with ultraxart and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated with our latest posts.



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