Interior Design vs Interior Decoration | Meaning, Education, Work and Career

People often use interior design and interior decoration in place of each other but both the terms are much different. when i thought of writing first blog for this section of interior decoration i wanted to clear this doubt from the viewer’s mind. So lets see how are they different from each other.

Career in Interior Design

To opt interior designer as a career you need to join a school or obtain a legal certificate to be considered as a legal and professional interior designer.
If you are creative and people appreciate your decorative skills doesn’t mean that you can be a good interior designer as it requires knowledge of CAD softwares, design codes, psychological studies etc.

Career in Interior Decoration

To opt career as a interior decorator you don’t need a qualification it just require an eye for beauty to be known as interior decorator.
If you think you have a good taste of fabrics, furniture and colours and love decorating your room then you can get your website established or start blogging, get your visiting card and start finding customers for yourself. Simply, you can have the title when you want it .

Before choosing any of these fields as a career you should know that differ mainly by qualification.
I recommend you to go for a bachelor’s degree or other graduation as per your country and laws and start as a professional interior designer.
You must explore these fields and know them well.
must know that you may have to design and decorate according to the client’s requirement .
Different people have different psychology and perception of beauty.
Starting with a good portfolio is must for a good start but knowledge, portfolio or website isn’t enough for a successful career it requires much hard word, love and dedication to find yourself on a position you dream.


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