Internet Penetration in India – 2018 Research with Infographics

internet penetration in India 2018

Internet Penetration in India – Overview

According to the report published by Kantar IMRB, the figure stated as on December 2017 internet penetration in India is 35 percent of the total population.

Total Population of India in 2018 is 132.42 crores (1.3 Billion). Out of this 32.5% (43 crores or 430 million) lives in Urban areas and remaining 67.5% (89.42 crores or 890 million) lives in rural areas.

Now let’s see the predicted penetration of Internet in India by June 2018-

Mobile Internet users by June 2018 will be 291 million urban areas i.e., (66% of urban population) and 187 million rural users i.e (21% of rural population).

If we combine the total internet users in rural and urban areas then we will have approx. 500 million internet users by June 2018. This will be 35% of the total population using the internet.

internet penetration in India 2018 fig 1-min
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Internet Penetration by Gender

Among the rural internet users, the ratio of male to female internet users is 64:36. There are estimated 143 million female internet users overall, which is approximately 30% of total Internet users in India.

internet penetration in India 2018 fig 2-min
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Rate of Growth

Internet penetration in India was 2% only capturing around 40 million in 2006. The total population in that year was around 1.1 billion or 116.2 crores.

Internet penetration increased to 4% in 2009 acquiring 80 million people. It reached 7% in 2010.

In 2015 the rate was 22% gaining 277 million users which further increased to 27% in 2016 acquiring 405 million users.

At present 2018, the overall internet penetration in India is almost 35% acquiring 500 million users (rural-urban users combined).

According to Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), India is expected to have 730 million Internet users by 2020.

According to reports by CISCO, the internet penetration in India will increase drastically in 2021 and will acquiring around 829 million Indians.

internet penetration in India yearly
You can download and use this infographic for educational purpose.

The Internet penetration in India has a lower rate in rural areas, from 18 percent in 2016 to 20.26 percent in December 2017.

Penetration in Cities

As per the report the top nine cities account for 35 percent of all urban Internet users. The smaller metros and non-metros have Internet penetration levels lower than the national average for rural India.

In urban India, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are the top three cities that have the highest penetration, while Fatehpur, Jagdalpur and Imphal are on the bottom among the list of over 170 cities covered under the survey.


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