The collection of the Louvre Museum was first established in the sixteenth century as the private collection of King Francis I.

In 1793, during the French Revolution, the Louvre became a national art museum and the private royal collection opened to the public.

Worlds most famous artwork housed at Louvre is Monalisa.

Joconde is the central database of French museums created in 1975. It lists the details of all famous artworks of public and private museums maintained by French Ministry of Culture.

Till now 525 085 336 800 records of objects illustrated with at least one image of artwork.

The collection of Louvre is overseen by twelve curators.

Departments at Louvre museum are-

Egyptian antiquities
Near Eastern antiquities
Greek, Etruscan, and Roman
Islamic art
Decorative arts
Prints and drawings

Let’s have a look at the most famous artworks housed at Louvre museum.


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