Power of Frequency


“Everything in Life is Vibration”

– Albert Einstein

“All the physical matters are composed of vibration.”

-Dr. Max Planck

Explaining the above quotes

Science, through Quantum Physics, is showing us that everything in our universe is energy. When we go down on the atomic level we can see atoms vibrating. Nothing rests, everything existing is in continuous motion from atoms to the galaxy and is the result of a vibration.

This vibration, when measured in cycles per second, is called frequency. This frequency is pure energy. This pure energy exists everywhere as you know the whole universe and everything inside it is in constant motion. Even when we sleep, each and every cell our body is vibrating, our heart is vibrating, we are in constant motion with the earth.
All of this is happening at incredibly subtle level. Everything in nature vibrates at different frequencies.

Matter is Illusion

This vibration sustains our material world. Atoms contain almost 9.999999999% space which can not make up this solid material world. The only reason is that different molecule when vibrates similarly, they create the illusion of solid substance.

With his famous equation E= mc2, Albert Einstein proved that when you come right down to it, everything in the universe is energy. Both in the physical plane of our reality of matter and the abstract reality of our mind are made up of energy patterns.

What makes up these atoms? Sub-atomic particles. And these sub-atomic particles are pure energy. Hence, our body is one big piece of energy and so is everything else in this vast universe.

Our five senses experience the sensory perceptions of the material world and send information to our brains. That’s how we experience this world. We are connected to this material world by our five senses.

Not only are we surrounded by natural frequencies, but our bodies are also filled with them too. Our cells communicate using electro magnetic frequencies. Our brain emits a constant stream of frequencies and our DNA delivers instructions, using frequency waves. Without them, we can’t exist.

Light and sound are forms of frequency

Light and sound are not considered as forms of matter. Light is another name for electromagnetic radiation. Light is interesting in that it has a dual nature to it in that it behaves both like waves and particles. The “particles” of light are called photons and have no mass.

Our thoughts are frequency

Our thoughts are outcomes of frequency our mind is operating using it. The most potent form of energy is thought. Thought-waves are cosmic waves that penetrate all time and space. Everything we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell is made of different wavelengths vibrating at different frequencies. Our brain is like a translator that can interpret these frequencies into what we perceive to be our physical reality.

Our brain emits frequency outward when any thought comes to mind this frequency of thought can penetrate almost anything. Even an intense thought can move a material without touching it (psychokinesis). If the frequency of thought can create resonance with the outer world, then there is a very much high possibility of dreams coming true.

If you desire to be successful, you have to think that way. You should start seeing yourself what you want to be. An adamant desire will create situations which if you can understand correctly will help you to reach your goal.

Our thoughts have a frequency which can take place in the material world and creates the new reality. Let’s take an example, take any product of your home. Like the bulb, the inventor Thomas Edison had an idea in his mind of a product which was not existing before. The idea was worked upon again and again and finally the light bulb was created. Same goes with every man made product. Everything is just because of our mind. Every man-made object is just the materialistic manifestation of a dominant thought.

You can notice that it was the thought which came into existence in the real world, it was only due to the will power of Edison that helped him to find the solutions and held him from dropping the idea. If at any point, his thoughts turned negative he might have quit his work and have never created an extraordinary and revolutionary product.

Effect of frequency and birth of Patterns

Frequency causes the birth of matter. Cymatics can easily understand it by using a tone generator to observe different patterns occurring at different frequencies. See video 1 below.

Patterns occurring at a different frequency if drawn or constructed then it will contain the same frequency. On viewing these patterns, they emit strands of frequency which is picked up by the brain and changes the frequency of our brain. Our brain scientifically operates in the five different states of frequencies. If the pattern is of higher frequency, then it will bring our mental state to high frequency and we become more intuitive, healthy, and peaceful. Same goes with music created by instruments at different notes and pitches which generates the frequency which reaches our brain through ears and alters the frequency of the brain.

If we see a painful image or hear sad music, then we start feeling isolated, lost, stressed, these are the symptoms of brain operating at low frequencies. Whereas, forgiveness, love, spirituality takes our mind to the higher frequency. Fear has the lowest frequency and love has the highest frequency.

I will be explaining more deeply in the blogs of sacred geometry about frequency and its uses for a healthy life. For now, I highly recommend watching this documentary.


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