This article deals with the problems faced by an artist in today’s world. Reading this might help you if you are trying to bring most out of your creative talent and set up your career as an artist.

Every artist faces different kinds of challenges and problems from starting a work to selling it. In this article we will try to overcome these problems by following what masters use to do when they come across with these sort of problems.

First and foremost thing is that you should be psychologically strong and willing to bring the best result as far as possible. Acceptance and willingness to defeat a challenge is what shapes you up and teaches you a lesson. Once you overcome a problem it won’t occur again.

There must be hunger for success and it doesn’t comes easily that’s why only few people are living a life what they wanted. It requires lots of learning, hard work and dedication.

The below mentioned problems are based on my study of self and other artists. It is possible that you have a better solution or a bigger problem. Feel free to share your views below in the comment box or you can request a blog via simple form at the bottom of the page.

Credits : Devank Verma

Knowing yourself

Problem : Am i an artist or not?

Solution : If you love to play with pencil, pen or brush with intention to create something then definitely you can be a artist but you are not yet an artist or consider yourself a pretty newbie artists.

If you created something which people love to see and praise or something which forces you to look at it again and again then definitely you are an artist and it’s time to dive in the awesome field of creativity.


Problem : Lack of time.

Solution : First and foremost thing is that when there is urge to create something you should forget how much time it would take to complete an artwork until you are so perfect about that particular art technique.

A deadline of time in your mind might cause you to hurry up and can produce undesired results.


Problem : Not enough money for purchasing art materials.

Solution : This is one of the major part artist have to deal with. If you are commissioned for any artwork then you can initially borrow from your friends and relatives and then return them when the payment is received by you or taking a bit of amount as advance payment by your customers as a security.

If you are not commissioned but creating a work to sell it later on then going for cheap and best material will be a good choice. Start selling your works at low price range according to the quality of artwork so that you can pay long bills of your art supplies.

Its the major part most of the artist struggle with when they start to work if they are dealing with financial problems.

Dedication and Interest

Problem : Lack of dedication or loss of interest.

Solution : As an artist i know how difficult it is to work without any dedication and its hard to overcome this situation. In this situation you should put off your work and relax or enjoy your routine and get back to the work at night.

You can also go through some of the art videos on Youtube and try to analyze and apply skills in your artwork in which you lost interest. Intention to apply these techniques and skills will bring your interest back.


Problem : Undesired result resulting into loss of confidence.

Solution : As a learning artist you should accept what you have created. With open mind and heart accept the feedback from people and if the feedback is negative or just satisfactory, try to ask them and find your weakness so that you can correct your mistakes. Learn to be your own biggest critic.

Go through the artworks and paintings of other artists and try to apply their concepts and technique in your work, avoid being jealous of other artist as you can learn a lot from them.

Try to work as flexible as you can. Just allow yourself to dive in and make your hands work as they wanted to. Practicing Doodle and Zentangles will render your skills.


Problem : Overconfidence as an artist. Feeling of being the only best artist.

Solution : Most people are unable to succeed as an artist for long time because they are overconfident about their abilities. But the fact is that if you are not accepting your weakness you cannot make a progress.

If you are too proud of your work then it might result in a arrogance and egoistic behaviour and overseeing of you, these sort of artist try to sell their works at high blindfolded rates and suffers from a downfall of their wonderful career.

Try to learn something at every step and follow some other famous artists as it will restrict you to your originality. Every successful person has a mentor.


Problem : Its more difficult to sell an artwork than creating it.

Solution : To be honest it is much difficult to sell your works than creating them. As an artist you have to struggle a lot if you don’t belongs to art background, not educated in field of art and nobody even knows you. Few people who praise your can’t buy always.

Try to grow your social network on Touchtalent, Tumblr, Imgur, Pintrest and Instagram and establish yourself as an artist. Building a strong network going to help you a lot.

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