The web is like an invisible ocean. There are billions of websites that are accessible using the internet. If you are thinking to become a web developer then you must thoroughly know how the web works and its components. Once you understood the foundation of the web, it will be a lot easier to start your career as a web developer.

How to become a web developer?

A lot of people ask me about getting started with the web development. They don’t know how and where to begin. Let me tell you, there is no qualification required to become a web developer. In fact, anyone can become a web developer once he is aware of the path he needs to take. You just need to develop the required skills to become a great web developer.

I am a self-taught web developer. There was no one to guide me in my journey. It took me a lot of time to understand whats really going on behind the screen and how to make your computer do the work you want him to do. I read many blogs, watched youtube videos, took free as well as paid online courses to teach myself web development. I wasted a lot of time searching, learning and testing random stuff. Therefore, I want to help you walk down the road smoothly by handing you the right map to reach the destination.

There are 3 things you need to focus on-
1. The fundamentals of web
2. Programming languages
3. Tools and resources

I have already talked about the fundamentals of the web. In this blog, I will be focusing on the languages you need to learn to become a web developer. Here are the 3 languages you must learn to become the artist of websites. These languages are a lot easier to learn than you think. These languages are-


For now, we will just be talking about the top 3 HTML, CSS and Javascript because you must learn these three languages first before moving to PHP and SQL.

HTML – Hypertext Markup Language

HTML is like the brick of a website. Every piece of text, image you see on your browser window is enveloped inside HTML tags. It’s easy to lean and you can master it in no time. But what really it is? Have a look at this example to print “hello world” on the browser’s window-

Create a new folder on your desktop, inside it create a new text file and rename it like testing.html then open the file and write your piece of HTML-

anatomy of html element

CSS – Cascading Style Sheets

CSS is a separate document which contains the styling code for the webpage. It is linked in the head section of an HTML document. Inside the CSS file, you can select the HTML elements to customize it using its id or class attributes and style them easily using CSS properties and values.

Here is the HTML element. We have assigned this HTML element an id attribute so that we can style it using CSS.

CSS can look like this-



The most important language any developer should know is JavaScript. It adds interactivity to the website and can do lots of amazing stuff. If you know JavaScript then you can easily get a job with a good salary. Really cool applications can be created easily using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Javascript is sometimes written inside <script>Your JS Code</script> tags when the code is very less. But it is a good practice to write it in a separate document and attach to the head section of the HTML document like the CSS style is attached. Now, let’s look at an example of the JS-

We will select the HTML element using its id and will replace the content.


The best way to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript

A few years ago, I struggled a lot to find stuff like this blog. That can give a quick glimpse of the web development process and helps to understand the basic building blocks. I found a lot of amazing stuff on different websites but nothing was readable and manageable altogether. Then I found the best book to teach myself HTML, CSS and JS. This book is so beautifully designed that it becomes very easy to go through the topic and understand it completely. I have included the Amazon link so that you can buy it and get started easily. Link

Important Note- PHP and SQL are discussed in another blog because you must know the top 3 languages before starting to learn PHP. Therefore its highly recommended to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript thoroughly to master the basics of static and interactive websites and applications.

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