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₹2,475.00 Edition: 2015
Book TitleCSS Secrets
Book AuthorLea Verou
Dimensions20.3 x 2.5 x 24.4 cm

In this practical guide, CSS expert Lea Verou provides 47 undocumented techniques and tips to help intermediate-to advanced CSS developers devise elegant solutions to a wide range of everyday web design problems.

Rather than focus on design, CSS Secrets shows you how to solve problems with code. You’ll learn how to apply Lea’s analytical approach to practically every CSS problem you face to attain DRY, maintainable, flexible, lightweight, and standards-compliant results.

About the Author

Lea Verou is an Invited Expert in the W3C CSS Working Group, the committee that designs the CSS language, and previously worked as a Developer Advocate at the W3C, the Web’s main standards organization. Currently, Lea conducts research in Human-Computer Interaction at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She also blogs, speaks at international conferences, and codes popular open source projects to help fellow developers.


It’s packed with actionable ideas and techniques.

Each chapter presents a specific web design “problem,” along with a CSS solution (and sometimes multiple solutions).

The book itself is a piece of art. It has been a joy browsing through the well laid out sections, beautiful typography, and helpful graphics.

The paper is high quality and so are the contents


This book is little costly to buy in India as its a imported one.