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₹832.00 Edition: 2017
Book TitleJavaScript: The Complete Reference
Book AuthorThomas Powell, Fritz Schneider
Dimensions47 x 12.2 x 61 cm

JavaScript: The Complete Reference, Third Edition is the definitive JavaScript resource. This Third edition is completely revised to cover the newest changes to JavaScript up to version 1.9, the latest browser-specific features for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, as well popular JavaScript frameworks like jquery. All examples presented focus on the emergence of HTML5 and its various APIs including canvas, storage and more. This comprehensive guide shows developers how to build dynamic, cross-browser Web sites and applications using JavaScript. They’ll learn not only the syntax of language, but its related object models and combine this knowledge to develop practical applications.

About the Author

Thomas Powell, lecturer for the University of California, San Diego is the author of HTML & CSS: The Complete Reference and Ajax. He is president and founder of PINT, a Web site design and development firm.

Fritz Schneider is a software engineer at Google where he works on both front and back-end systems. His previous experience includes social search service Aardvark and an earlier stint at Google where he founded Google’s Firefox and Safe Browsing teams. Fritz is an experienced teacher of Web technologies and co-author of How to Do Everything with Google.


Very simple language, very good print, very good explanation and easy examples to follow.

Beginners should go from starting of the book while professionals could use book for any reference they want.


This book is perfect for people who want to use JavaScript only. Won’t help much if you were to use other stuff like NodeJS or AngularJS or similar stuff.