Psychological Effects of Using Orange Color by Different Industries

orange color

Orange Color is one of the most interesting and powerful color if used mindfully. It has the capability to win people psychologically and can give you the incredible advantage over your customers. Here are some of the well-known reasons about the use of orange colour-

Effect on mood and body: The Orange color is generally associated with excitement, vibrancy, health and well-being. Sometimes it elevates mood.

Respect and Faith: Orange colour in Indian flag indicates the strength and courage among its citizens. Orange is also related to Hindu god, Hanuman, the strongest and courageous God in Hindu mythology.

Natural Essence: It is also associated with the earth and with autumn. For some people, Orange sky is more pleasing. In India, flower pots and earthen pots are coloured in vibrant orange (geru).

Logo & Designs: In designs, orange color draws attention without being as intense as red. It’s often considered more friendly, inviting, and less stressful than red. Use of orange color by companies like Amazon and FedEx represents confidence, quickness and reliability.

In Food Industry: Orange accent on a plate makes food look more appealing. Like red boosts hunger, orange will stimulate people to eat and run. Some fast-food restaurants incorporate the use of orange instead of red.

Fresh and Friendly: Generally, orange conveys a sense of youth, quickness of mind and body, and is perceived as a warm and friendly color.

In Clothing and Architecture: Lighter tints on walls or clothing enrich the appearance. People wearing orange are seen as cheerful, emotional, communicative, enthusiastic, and fun.


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