The design is the creation of a plan for the construction of an object, it is an applied art and engineering that integrate with technology to produce any desired result.

If you want a house first you need to go to an architect to get your design ready then an engineer carries out the construction based on the design given by the architect. The design serves as the foundation and guide throughout the process.

In some cases, the direct construction of an object is designed like in pottery, coding, and graphic designing. Usually, some designers get an idea by rough drawings then they are directly designed. These constructed designs are objects in itself.

When we talk about design guidelines or fundamentals, there is no universal language for designers of all disciplines. It is an act of creativity and innovation.

The person designing is called a designer. A designer’s sequence of activities is called a design process. The scientific study of design is called design science. Designers imagine and make. The thinking process is known as design thinking.

In designing, we propose a move by drawing it, and then we examine what we have drawn, thinking of the consequences that are likely to flow from it. We often try several alternatives and select the one that we deem most promising. In this way, designing is a little like a game of chess, in which we propose several alternative moves, consider their consequences, select the one we think best, and then proceed.1

Design Process

The engineering design process is a series of steps that engineers follow when they are trying to solve a problem and design a solution for something; it is a methodical approach to problem-solving. This is similar to the “Scientific Method” which is taught to young scientists.


1. Define the Problem
2. Collect Information
3. Brainstorm and Analyse Ideas
4. Develop Solutions Build a Prototype
5. Gather Feedback
6. Improve, Test and Redesign

Design Disciplines

– Army design methodology
– Applied arts
– Architecture
– Automotive design
– Biological design
– Communication design
– Configuration design
– Design management
– Engineering design
– Experience design
– Fashion design
– Game design
– Graphic design
– Information architecture
– Information design
– Industrial design
– Instructional design
– Interaction design
– Interior design
– Landscape architecture
– Lighting design
– Modular design
– Motion graphic design
– Organization design
– Product design
– Process design
– Service design
– Software design
– Sound design
– Spatial design
– Systems architecture
– Systems design
– Systems modeling
– Urban design
– UI and UX design
– Visual design
– Web design

In the upcoming blogs, we will look at some of the best approaches to design and types of the design process. Later, we will stick to two types of design disciplines, graphic and web design.

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