What is spirituality? Is there any need of spirituality?

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What is spirituality?

Spirituality means the connection of oneself with the inner spirit. Realisation of one’s own spirit opens the door to the divine experience of the creator and his creation. Feeling of interconnectedness with God will lead to the better health, deeper analysis of situations, more mindfulness and happier life.

Spirituality is most of the time considered as the belief in something which is superior to a person. But if it’s the question about God before giving any answers to it let me ask you a simple question. Can you draw the image of a single sunflower on five different pages? Make sure all the drawings are same in size and proportions, without any aids or measurements.

Most of you will not be able to draw it. For those who can do it, please try to draw fingerprints of yourself or anyone on a paper?

Now, that’s what I am trying to explain, this is the proof of the beautiful design of our creator. We are born with a mystical mind. Its powers are infinite. It can materialise anything. Our fingerprints, retina separates us from billion others. It’s completely logical if you can not imitate the design of nature how can you ignore the design of the creator? Think about it for a second, aren’t we born with this beautiful design of the human body? All humans are born with two eyes, single nose, a complicated mind, with the same colour of blood in the body. Everyone has the DNA which contains the immense information about the person. How can a logical person neglect what he is living with? The intelligent design is everywhere. Your body itself proves the existence of God. Read about Sacred Geometry.

No matter how much the concept of god or creator gets manipulated, the spirituality seeker remains unaffected. If logic is what we believe in, the structure, stability, and consistency of the universe and life can’t be possible without something giving birth to it and sustaining it.

The simplest logic of reality has been manipulated to such an extent that we stay confused all the time and start ignoring the complete story. There is the belief of a conspiracy behind the truth of reality which we know as Illuminati . It the centre of every conspiracy on earth to deceive the innocent people of the creator. Read more about Illuminati.

A spiritual person believes that someone is running the show. This belief makes him feel connected with the creation. He loves to enjoy every bit of life. He sees everything as the part of one. Read my blog on What is oneness with nature. A spiritual person is unaffected by the deceptions, he loves to seek the Reality by his own. You will not find anyone returning from the path of spirituality. Creator in the form of nature is unimaginably beautiful and embraces you with unconditional love, but only if you believe in him unconditionally. You can see him in the form of water, soil, plants, trees, birds, animals and in each and everything, that’s why a truly spiritual person loves and enjoys everything and every moment.

Once you get the feeling of oneness with nature, you will realise that you were always connected to it supernaturally. You never realised it before. That’s what happens with the people on the path of awakening. It’s the reason for the tears rolling down their cheeks.

Have you ever wondered why a spiritual person is so calm, relaxed, yet highly awakened? How can they know the solution to everything? What makes them perceive and enjoy life more than any other human being?

Read the answer.


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