Why a spiritual person is so calm, comfortable, and highly awake?

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spiritual person

Have you ever wondered why a spiritual person is so calm, comfortable, and highly awake? How can they know the solution to almost everything? What makes them perceive and enjoy life more than any other human being?

The answer is simple, Pineal Gland.

pineal-gland-brain What is spirituality? Is there any need of spirituality?

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We are using only 8-10% of our mind. We don’t know what other functions this remaining 90-92% of the brain performs. Our DNA has 64 codes, but only 20 codes work consistently. Functions of other 44 codes are still under curtains.

What causes the blockage of remaining potential of the brain and DNA?

    • There are many reasons for the blockages. Our life has been flooded with negative thoughts which we think are the positive ones. We think getting drunk is the part of enjoyment, freedom, adulthood but what happens after getting drunk? Were you able to work at your full potential on the very next day? We know it’s one of the biggest unhealthy habits but we can’t stop ourselves from doing it next time. Same goes with the smoking and other drug habits. Think again, Are you in control of yourself?
    • What we have heard and taught develops our knowledge, but relying only on few sources might hide the reality. Therefore, one should do self-realisation in attempt to seek the truth. Our history, knowledge, science is not exactly true. We people created our knowledge bank based on what few intelligent people researched and observed and found. The type of knowledge imparted in schools and colleges is definitely useful for surviving but certainly not useful for living. We are taught to ignore the own spirit, we are taught to ignore what’s outside the box of science until few intelligent guys (scientists) are able to figure it out. Laws working behind magic and superstitions are ignored. Non-acceptance can’t shut down the reality. It will stop you from the realisation of the very reality of oneness.
    • Use of filthy language, negative words, directly affects the subconscious part of the mind. This will result in the low frequency of body’s energy. It affects our internal decisions and external surroundings.
    • Media highly emphasises on vulgar scenes, unhealthy news which is perceived differently by different people, it’s working is most of the times disturbing and unhealthy.
    • The toothpaste we use, the water we drink, food we eat develops the calcium layer around the pineal gland. Pineal gland is one of the most powerful glands of the human body. It is the house of supernatural activities of the brain. Its functions are more powerful than anyone could think of.

So these are the few points which if looked upon will help us to get out of this trap and allow us to embrace the true face of life. We will find ourselves in the ocean of purity, love, wisdom and power. A life which is full of passion and excitement. A mind which is clear as crystal helps to perceive things more deeply. We will be able to find solutions at an instant about any question. We can achieve anything we desire.

But the question still remains how this will be possible?

The answer will be published soon. Click here to jump to The Hidden Reality.

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